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Oct 19

Panasonic and IMEC

IMEC and Panasonic presented a paper at the recent VLSI conference along with a corresponding press release: “Highly Reliable TaOx ReRAM with Centralized Filament for 28-nm Embedded Application” by Hayakawa, A. et al. (Panasonic) The premise seems exciting in that the authors state that they have developed….

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Apr 21

ReRAM that you can buy (and tear apart)

I’ve mentioned TechInsights in previous articles on the Forum. They provide a literally ‘unique’ service in providing a view of the insides of chips revealing much about the dimensions, materials and structure of the various components. Memory chips are no exception and their latest reports are of particular interest to the ReRAM community as

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Feb 10

Forecasting and Filaments

A couple of items have come my way recently. First Yole have just released a new technology and market analysis dedicated to the Emerging Non Volatile Memory. Second a paper entitled ‘Evolution of conductive filament and ….’ by a group from the…, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing has just appeared in Nature’s online scientific reports.

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Jan 15

Crystal Ball Gazing (again) Part 1 (of 2 maybe)

It’s that time of year again! However, this year a little differently…. Why? Well on revisiting last year’s edition of this post, I was struck how the only successful ‘predictions’ were of the negative variety (suggestion that something that wouldn’t happen) whereas most of those that were ‘positive’ (suggested something that would happen) were wide of the mark.

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Jul 30

Flash Memory Summit

Three sessions that caught my eye when perusing the program for FMS taking place next week at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA. I particular like the new take on TINA from Dr. Tsutsui of Sony.

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Jan 29

Crystal Ball Gazing

It’s that time of year again… Time to dust off that ol’ crystal ball and gaze into the murky depths and come up with the ReRAM-Forum predictions for the rest of 2014!

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Sep 17


David Eggleston, Principal, Intuitive Cognition Consulting*, organized a couple of ‘new technologies’ sessions at last month’s Flash Memory Summit (FMS) in Santa Clara, CA. One of the sessions was devoted to ReRAM

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Aug 11

Flash Memory Summit: Preview

Starting this week is the annual Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California. Always an exciting meeting and this year is no exception. There are a couple of sessions of direct interest to the ReRAM/CBRAM community along with a panel session. Dave Eggleston,

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Jul 31

Update on Recent News Items


Panasonic have announced the “world’s first mass production of ReRAM mounted microcomputers” . This appears to be the microcontroller with embedded ReRAM that was discussed in an April Blog along with its video in March.

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Apr 18

More from Panasonic


At the 2013 ISSCC, Panasonic presented a very detailed paper on improving ReRAM endurance (specifically forming and writing) in the same session as the Toshiba/SanDisk 32Gb chip (paper 12.1). The paper presents an ReRAM analysis based on the oxidation/reduction (redox) mechanism of filament rupture and formation. The authors point to two techniques as critical in …

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Apr 11

Panasonic’s ReRAM MCU

Pansonic ReRAM MCU

At the 2013 Embedded World Exhibition at the end of February in Nuremberg, Panasonic announced their ReRAM containing MCU. Fortunately for those of you who missed this (as I did), Panasonic have a virtual booth available online

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Mar 10

ReRAM Video from Panasonic


English, no soundtrack Japanese with soundtrack Link to Panasonic ReRAM MCU webpage Christie Marrian, www.ReRAM-Forum.com Moderator Many thanks to Joseph Kucera for alerting me to this!