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Dec 31

Meetings of Interest to the ReRAM/CBRAM Community


Latest Update, 10/3/15: 8th IMW, 7th NVMW, IEDM 2015, Advances in ReRAM: Materials & Interfaces
If you are aware of an upcoming meeting or conference, please post a comment or contact the moderator.

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Jan 14

Correlated Electron Systems

The filamentary mechanism for ReRAM/CBRAM operation has been widely discussed here and elsewhere and is becoming the ‘accepted wisdom’ for a well defined set of active materials and electrodes. Broadly speaking, these devices can be characterized

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Nov 07

NCCAVS Advanced Memory Meeting: Full Program

NCCAVS Thin Film Users Group Advanced Memory Meeting Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013

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Oct 26

Updated: Agenda for NCCAVS Advanced Memory Workshop

NCCAVS Thin Film Users Group (TFUG) *ADVANCED MEMORY WORKSHOP* Mark your calendars: Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013

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