Christie Marrian’s first became interested in ReRAM when he joined Spansion in 2005 and took over the management of the team developing ReRAM for next generation flash memory. Subsequently he led the team developing Spansion’s charge trapping technology for 32nm NAND. In 2011 he returned to the UK for family reasons where he has been involved in various consulting activities. He is a Cambridge University, UK, MA and PhD (Electrical Engineering). After post doc at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, he joined the US Naval Research Lab (NRL) in Washington DC in 1980. After starting NRL’s first nanoelectronics project in the mid 80’s, he became head of the NRL’s Nanoelectronics Processing Facility at NRL. From 1998-2001, he was on detail at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) managing programs involving industry, academia and government. After 23 years at NRL, Christie moved west to join IBM where he managed a group working on materials and devices for solid state memory prior to moving to Spansion.

Christie has authored over 110 technical publications, 19 granted patents and more than 55 invited presentations. He is a past-president and fellow of the AVS, a former Senior Member of IEEE and has chaired ten international technical conferences. In his spare time, Christie has developed a keen interest wine and has recently taken up real (court) tennis. He is excited to take on the moderator role for the RRAM/CBRAM Blog and is working to make it the first ‘port of call’ for those following the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field.

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