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Jan 15

Crystal Ball Gazing (again) Part 1 (of 2 maybe)

It’s that time of year again! However, this year a little differently…. Why? Well on revisiting last year’s edition of this post, I was struck how the only successful ‘predictions’ were of the negative variety (suggestion that something that wouldn’t happen) whereas most of those that were ‘positive’ (suggested something that would happen) were wide of the mark.

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Feb 13


Comments on Blog posts are extremely welcome at ReRAM-Forum. Just add a comment in the box at the end of each post and add your name and e-mail.

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Jan 29

Crystal Ball Gazing

It’s that time of year again… Time to dust off that ol’ crystal ball and gaze into the murky depths and come up with the ReRAM-Forum predictions for the rest of 2014!

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Jan 03

Happy New Year and Some Crystal Ball Gazing


Admittedly rather dusty and rusty after not being used since early 1999 for a panel discussion looking at the prospects for 25nm lithography at the SPIE Microlithography* conference, I found it at the back of my wardrobe. So I thought maybe it would work better this time if I restricted the search to the next …

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Aug 13

A Minor Milestone

Our Blog has been up and running for just over a month now and we have accumulated a number of interesting posts. We’ve reached a (very) minor milestone our first ten posts! I hope you will find some interesting posts along with some links to ‘find out more’. Bob Merritt discusses the memory hierarchy, how …

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Jul 20

Keeping Track

keeping track2

I spotted a news item recently that Panasonic plan to start sampling a micro-controller (MCU) with an ReRAM memory (manufactured with 180nm technology on 200mm wafers). I should add that my Japanese is non-existent so this may well be incorrect but nonetheless it is another indication that the special properties of ReRAM/CBRAM will surely find …

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May 21

Why now?


A good question! Why are we starting this Blog dedicated to all things related to ReRAM and CBRAM in Q2 of 2012? There is already lots of stuff out there that can be found on emerging memory technologies and resistive or conductive memory elements. However, frankly it is all over the place and there seems …

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May 20

Welcome to the CBRAM/RRAM Blog!

Welcome to the CBRAM/RRAM Blog!

We are starting this Blog as a home for articles and discussion related to memory technology based primarily on resistive change (commonly known as RRAM or ReRAM) and conductive bridge (commonly referred to as CBRAM). We are open to anyone actively interested or working in the field. It is timely as RRAM/CBRAM are rapidly gaining …

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