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Oct 03

IEDM Taster

IEDM have issued a taster/teaser of their 2015 technical program along with session details. NVM enthusiasts will be interested in Session 10 on R(e)RAM and Session 3 which features PCRAM and Flash. Session 3….

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Jun 01

DESTINY: A Tool for Modeling Emerging 3D NVM and eDRAM caches

To drive architecture and system-level studies into 3D ReRAM and other emerging memory technologies, a group of researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab, Penn State and UCSB have developed a modeling tool named DESTINY. DESTINY is an acronym for 3D dEsign-Space exploraTIon tool for SRAM, eDRAM and Non-volatile memorY.

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Jan 22

Patent Alert: US8861258

A recent patent granted to SanDisk describes a Set/reset algorithm which detects and repairs weak cells in resistive-switching memory device”. One of the inventors was kind enough to alert me to this and describes the importance as follows:

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Dec 19

Access/Select Devices at IEDM

It’s IEDM week and from my position on the other side of the Pond (i.e. I’m not at the conference), it’s clear that interest in ReRAM and CBRAM continues. However, this year there are more papers focussing on the access device suitable for use in next generation memory. This actually makes a lot of sense because…..

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Jul 01

Millionth, MegaBytes and Machine

News from HP, Crossbar and Adesto Technologies who have just announced the shipment of their millionth CBRAM product. Quite a milestone for a next generation technology product.

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May 14

Embedded NVM for IoT will lead the way with standalone memory to follow


from Lucian Shifren, Principal Engineer, ARM Inc. While many options exist to extend the roadmap for standalone FLASH (such as vertical FLASH), embedded FLASH has a much shorter runway. While standalone FLASH can be optimized for memory function, embedded FLASH needs

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Apr 09

Patent Alert

Memory Cell with Threshold Switch (US8642985) by Frederick T. Chen. A high-density resistive memory traditionally coupled a transistor and a switching resistance in the same cell. While the functionality was easy to predict with this configuration, the density is often compromised by the need to make the transistor large enough

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Apr 04


Following on from the last post on ReRAM related news from the SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference in February, some words on a panel session on ‘Alternative Forms of Scaling’ covering the various 3D approaches to scaling.

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Mar 20

SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference

The SPIE Litho conference every February is one of the things I really miss being located this side of the Pond. I used to attend regularly starting when it was held at the San Jose Fairmont. I was involved in running one of the sub conferences and participated in various sessions and panels. The great …

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Dec 09

Samsung Analyst Day

Samsung held an Analyst Day at the beginning of November which I missed at the time. In my defence, I don’t normally keep an eye out for such presentations from Samsung as the previous one was 5 years ago!

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Oct 22

Memory Architect – Flash, Non-Volatile, CBRAM

Recruiter: European Recruitment Ltd Posted: 21 October 2013 Closes: 18 November 2013 Location: Paris, France

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Aug 21

Neuromorphic Computing

Boise State 1

First a caveat: I know something (from a previous life) about neuromorphic computing but what I do know is not much and no doubt outdated at least in part! The concept as I understand it is to mimic in silicon the methods of computation as performed in biological entities.

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Aug 06



Emerging from stealth mode, Crossbar today has given the first details of its ReRAM technology. Their website has been updated with a fair amount of information including a rather neat

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Jul 25

ReRAM Nanobatteries


The group at RWTH Aachen University and Research Centre Julich GmbH has recently published a paper in Nature Communications and the first author was kind enough to send me a copy. Actually it is an open paper and can be found at:

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Apr 30

Intermolecular Update!

Intermolecular’s (IMI) Q1 Earnings Results and Conference Call threw some more light on their activities in the ReRAM and memory fields along with another puzzle. Dave Lazovsky, IMI CEO, announced they have signed a multi-year Collaborative Development Program (CDP) and IP licensing agreement with

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