Jul 30

Flash Memory Summit

FlashMemLogo_250pxThree sessions that caught my eye when perusing the program for FMS taking place next week at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA. I particular like the new take on TINA from Dr. Tsutsui of Sony.

Session 203-A: RRAM, Wed, Aug 6, 3:10-4:25pm
Organizer / Chairperson: Dave Eggleston, Principal, Intuitive Cognition Consulting Group

Suock Chung, SK Hynix
There is no Alternative: Kelichi Tsutsui, Senior Manager Advanced Memory Systems, Sony
Zhiqiang Wei, Researcher, Panasonic
How RRAM is Changing the Landscape of Wearable and loT Applications: Ishai Naveh, VP Marketing / Business Development, Adesto Technologies
Breakthrough 3D RRAM Technology: Hagop Nazarian, VP Engineering, Crossbar

Session Description: RRAM (resistive RAM) development keeps progressing, with companies using a variety of approaches to pursue potential applications in high capacity storage, mid-range nonvolatile caches, and low cost embedded solutions. Come hear industry leaders offer views on the current state of RRAM technology, the target applications, and the road to commercialization.

About the Organizer / Chairperson: Dave Eggleston is the Principal of Intuitive Cognition Consulting, which provides strategic consulting to memory and storage companies. Dave is the former CEO and President of Unity Semiconductor, an RRAM industry pioneer acquired by Rambus. He has held technical executive management roles at Rambus, Micron (where he built and spearheaded the NAND systems engineering organization for 12 years), SanDisk, and AMD. He holds 15 patents in NAND flash and next-generation ReRAM memory, storage system usage, and high volume manufacturing. He has also been a Vice-President of JEDEC. He received his MSEE from Santa Clara University and his BSEE from Duke University.

Second, one cannot live by ReRAM alone….
Session 204-A: MRAM, Wed, Aug 5, 4:30-5:45pm
Organizer: David Eggelston, Principal, Intuitive Cognition Consulting Group
Chairperson: Deepankar Das, Head Software Engineering, Avalanche Technology

MRAM in Mainstream: Phill LoPresti, CEO, Everspin Technologies
Zack Deiri, VP Memory Bus Unit, Crocus Technology
Orthogonal Spin Transfer (OST): A Better Approach: Harry Hoberman, CEO, Spin Transfer Technologies
Start ‘Spinning’ with STT-MRAM: Hamid Haidari, Senior Director WW Sales, Avalanche Technology

Session Description: MRAM is rapidly entering the marketplace with the sampling of STT-MRAM, and production of the Magnetic Logic Unit (MLU) for secure, non-volatile embedded logic. The distinguished panelists will discuss the enormous range of MRAM applications, the current state of MRAM development and commercialization, and the disruption and opportunities that MRAM creates.

About the Organizer: see above and… For consulting inquiries, contact Dave at: www.intuitivecognition.com, or [email protected]

And last (it is the last session of the conference!) but by no means least….
Session 304-C: Flash and the Internet of Things, Thurs, Aug 7, 4:10-5:30pm
Organizer: Dave Eggleston, Principal, Intuitive Cognition Consulting
Chairperson: Bob Witkow, President, Westwood Marketing

Optimize Memory Solutions for a Low-Energy World: Paul Hill, Adesto Technologies
Memory Subsystems for IoT: Jackson Huang, VP Marketing, Spansion
Flash-less eNVM for Code and Security for IoT: Linh Hong, VP Marketing and Business Development, Kilopass
Cliff Zitlaw, Crossbar

Chetan Gadgil IoT Solutions and Technology Director, GE Software
Steve Nelson, Director Marketing Programs, Freescale Semiconductor

Session Description: The Internet of Things (IoT) has been described as the largest opportunity of the next decade. But what is IoT? What role does flash memory play in enabling it? The panelists will discuss why the merger of sensors, microcontrollers, and flash memory into a mesh of things will improve life for all humankind.

About the Organizer: (see above)
About the Chairperson: Bob Witkow is President of Westwood Marketing, a provider of market intelligence and business development services to the flash memory industry and related parties. Bob is widely recognized as an expert on flash memory applications for mobile telephones, digital cameras, and other consumer electronic devices. Much of his work involves the rapidly growing markets for USB Flash drives, solid-state disks, and related software applications. Mr. Witkow has served as an expert witness and has provided expert analysis and testimony on flash memory business matters. His Flash Products Metrics and Analysis market survey is a widely used reference.
Before establishing Westwood Marketing, Mr. Witkow served in senior sales and marketing management positions at SMART Modular Technologies, Lexar Media, M-Systems, 3M, and Wang Laboratories. He graduated from California State University, Northridge.

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