Oct 26

Updated: Agenda for NCCAVS Advanced Memory Workshop

Thin Film Users Group (TFUG)

Mark your calendars: Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013
Semi Global Headquarters
Seminar Rooms 1 & 2
3081 Zanker Rd.
San Jose, CA
**Please Park in SEMI Global Parking Lots ONLY**
*FREE, No Registration Needed, Just Show Up!*


General emerging memory development (RRAM, STTRAM, PCM, etc), Bob Gleixner, Micron

Overview of NAND Industry, Itzik Gilboa, Sandisk

Interfacial Engineering in ReRAMs based on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Seshubabu Desu, 4DS

XPS + LE-XRF Thin Film Metrology, Wei Ti Lee, ReVera Inc.

Modeling aspects of forming and switching in RRAM devices, including possible doping effects for improved characteristics, Blanka Magyari-Kope, Stanford University

Methodologies to Study the Scalability and Physics of Phase-Change Memory devices, Rakesh Jeyasingh, Stanford University


Talks begin at 1 PM, Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013


Chakku Gopalan, Adesto Technologies, C.G.US at ieee.org
Charitha Perera, chari_p at hotmail.com
Michael Oye, Advanced Studies Laboratories (ASL) and Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of California Santa Cruz, moye at ucsc.edu

All presentations will be requested to be posted on the TFUG Proceedings webpages.

***Sponsorship Opportunities*** If you would like to sponsor this meeting or list a banner ad on the User Group website, please check out “NCCAVS Marketing/Sponsorship” opportunities at: www.avsusergroups.org/misc_pdfs/form_ug_sponsor.pdf

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