Aug 11

Flash Memory Summit: Preview

Starting this week is the annual Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California. Always an exciting meeting and this year is no exception. There are a couple of sessions of direct interest to the ReRAM/CBRAM community along with a panel session.

Dave Eggleston, former CEO of Unity, is now Principal of Intuitive Cognition Consulting Group and provides technology and business consulting services to memory and storage companies. He is Chair/Organiser of two technical sessions in the New Technolgies Track. Both are on Wednesday with the first directed towards ReRAM technology and applications. Dave notes that ReRAM “development continues to surge throughout the memory industry, with record numbers of published papers and patent filings coming from major manufacturers, universities, and memory start-ups.” The speakers “will offer their views on the current state of ReRAM technology, with a focus on how ReRAM can be combined with NAND to create compelling, high performance, solid-state storage solutions.” Two speakers come from the Takeuchi group at Chuo University in Japan. Other companies represented are SK Hynix, Panasonic, Sony and Crossbar who recently came out of stealth mode. Hagop Nazarin, VP of Engineering and Crossbar Co-Founder tells me he will “compare the performance and reliability benefits of ReRAM-Based SSD vs NAND-Based SSD.” Crossbar 3D Cell technology enabling the breakthrough performance and reliability will also be covered. This should be a fascinating session with great insights as to where ReRAM is headed.

The second session is devoted to MRAM which I see as complementary to ReRAM in fitting another position in the new memory hierarchy. As Dave points out “MRAM is rapidly entering the marketplace with the sampling of ST-MRAM as a stand-alone memory, and the MLU for secure, non-volatile, embedded logic. MRAM controller IP is also starting to emerge, enabling the integration of MRAM into system designs. These distinguished speakers will offer their views on the current state of MRAM technology, the design and foundry eco-system developing around MRAM, the near and long term applications for MRAM, and the disruptive potential of MRAM in the storage and compute industries.” Speakers again represent companies both large and small and include representatives from Spin Transfer Technologies, Everspin Technologies, Avalanche Technology, Altera, PMC-Sierra and my old CEO, Bertrand Cambou, now at Crocus Technology.

Wish I could be there!

Christie Marrian, ReRAM-Forum.com moderator

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