Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 26

IBM’s MIEC part 2


IBM’s MIEC is about as close to a “perfect” diode as I have ever seen. What’s more it has been successfully integrated into a volume semiconductor manufacturing process flow! As we described a couple of weeks ago it has an enormous on-off ratio and appears capable of the high current levels needed for PCRAM (phase …

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Feb 18

ISSCC 2013

The International Solid State Circuits Conference is taking place this week at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel and celebrating its 60th anniversary. As part of the conference, the organizers provide a yearly update on Memory Trends, this year’s update being provided by Kevin Zhang of Intel, OR. His update includes the more traditional memory …

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Feb 12

HR 1249: America Invents Act


While researching last week’s Blog, I was reminded that a major change to US Patent Law comes into force on March 16th this year. (Image shows President Obama signing the act into law along with students of Thomas Jefferson High School and the Sponsors) This is the implementation of HR 1249 aka the America …

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Feb 08

ReRAM/CBRAM Patents: 2012 Update

patents 2012

I track patents in the ReRAM/CBRAM field. But someone who does a far better job is Blaise Mouttet as part of his Nanotechnology Blog at TinyTechIP. Blaise worked at USPTO (US Patent Office) so understands patents and patent law. He has made a particular study of resistive memory related patents. For example, I would …

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