Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 26


Unity Semiconductor is a true veteran in the emerging memory/ReRAM field and was recently acquired by Rambus “one of the world’s premier technology licensing companies”. I must admit to being somewhat surprised by this acquisition when I first heard about it. Was this another example of ‘Strange Bedfellows’? Unity is a company with an ambitious …

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Nov 20

Abstracts for NCCAVS Meeting on Advanced Memory


Meeting was last week but presentations may be posted on-line in a couple of weeks. Lots of talk about I/V non-linearity. Happy Thanksgiving and a belated Happy Diwali to Everyone! Chair: Yi Ma, Adesto Technologies AGENDA: 2:00 – 2:05 Welcome and Introduction 2:05 – 2:35 Memristive Nano-devices: Mechanism, Applications and Challenges, Joshua Yang, HP Labs …

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Nov 19

Shifting Emphasis of Memory Technologies


One of the most interesting occurrences this year was when PCs were reported to no longer consume the majority of DRAMs. That moment happened to coincide with the quarter in which microprocessor manufacturers blamed poor quarterly results on weaker-than-expected PC sales, while the leading cell phone manufacturer reported higher than expected earnings based on a …

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Nov 14

Strange Bedfellows??

adesto atmel

On October 1, Adesto* Technologies announced that it had acquired Atmel’s DataFlash and Serial Flash business groups. At first sight, this seemed a rather counter intuitive move for one of the most aggressive (and visible) companies in the emerging memory field. The purchase raised many questions to those, not least the moderator of this Blog, …

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Nov 09

The EUV Source and Shot Noise

EUV Source

Digging a little deeper into Yan Borodovsky’s (Intel) presentation at the EUV Workshop in June, he states that it should be possible to meet the requirements of Intel’s 10nm (~20nm half pitch) node with 193nm immersion (193i). (Fred Chen pointed me to another Intel reference to this effect, see last EUV post). However he points …

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Nov 05

Waiting for EUV (another view of the ReRAM roadmap)

It is ‘Quarterly’ financial report time for many companies and one can occasionally find some interesting snippets in the transcripts of the calls which normally accompany these announcements. For example, SanDisk appear to have an encouraging quarter, reversing sales declines seen through Q1 and Q2. However, what caught my eye was this quote attributed to …

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