Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 28

A Look back at the Flash Memory Summit

The recent Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara paid a lot of attention to the future of NAND and successor technologies (as indeed one would think it should). For those of us unable to be there the conference has posted almost all the presentations on-line at although I suspect some have been edited …

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Oct 22

2nd International Workshop on Resistive RAM: Update

The 2nd International Workshop on Resistive RAM took place Oct. 8-9 in Stanford University’s Paul G. Allen Building (photo). The workshop was the second installment of an annual series organized by Stanford University and the Belgian research institute Imec. Like most RRAM workshops, this year’s event featured numerous talks focusing on the physics …

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Oct 15

ReRAM Cell Modeling and Kinetics


Introducing the first ReRAM-Forum movie!! In part 2 of their recently published papers in the TED of the IEEE, Professor Ielmini’s group describe the modeling of resistive switching in bipolar metal oxide ReRAM. Like part 1, the paper is a collaboration with David Gilmer of Sematech who provided the Hafnium Oxide based ReRAM samples. Key …

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Oct 09

SK Hynix View of New Memory


The recent (August) flash memory summit in Santa Clara had a session devoted to ReRAM as well as featuring prominently in the keynote address by Sung Wook Park of SK Hynix. His excellent presentation is available here and it has some wonderful slides including #3 which compares the best aspect ratios achieved by semiconductor …

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Oct 05

ReRAM Cell Switching and Trends


Professor Daniele Ielmini was kind enough to point me to a couple of publications by his group that have just appeared in the IEEE’s Transactions on Electron Devices. Confused by the way a ReRAM cell behaves? Looking for a clear definition of the various terms used? Then I recommend you study this paper as well …

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