Aug 13

A Minor Milestone

Our Blog has been up and running for just over a month now and we have accumulated a number of interesting posts. We’ve reached a (very) minor milestone our first ten posts! I hope you will find some interesting posts along with some links to ‘find out more’. Bob Merritt discusses the memory hierarchy, how it is changing and how it may change in the future. Basically, Moore’s Law is one of economics or more precisely, profitability. Fall off it and your bottom line suffers unless as Bob points out you have a performance edge. Chakku Gopalan from the Blog’s sponsor, Adesto Technologies, describes some impressive integration of CBRAM into a conventional CMOS process flow. I’ve worked on this in a previous life and, believe you me, it is not easy to achieve these results! Professor Philip Wong from Stanford University was kind enough to let me know about some recent papers published by his group. My thoughts on reading three of these papers are contained in a couple of posts. The first is an extraordinarily thorough overview of ReRAM technology published in the Proceedings of the IEEE. There is a focus on integration and the characteristics that a memory cell needs to facilitate this. The second post describes simulation and experiment of metal oxide cells performed in Professor Wong’s group. Some of the key (and seemingly random) characteristics of ReRAM cells are found in both cases and interesting the authors propose ways to overcome some specific issues based on ‘virtual experimentation’ using their simulation tool. An interesting development! Shane Hollmer from Adesto reviews the recent International Memory Workshop held in Milan. The description of the sessions, not to mention the location, made me very envious that I had not been there. While starting the Blog, I did some digging into the number of publications that have appeared over the years in the topics of interest to the Blog. The results are not entirely surprising (although there is one slight oddity) and clearly point to the exploding interest in the technology. Other posts describe recent news items which will be updated in due course and upcoming meetings of interest to the community.

The Blog is open to all and please feel free to add a comment to any post or other comments. If you are interested in posting a Blog, please get in touch via the ‘Contact the Moderator’ button. Alternatively if you have published or know of a recent publication of interest, please let me know.

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Christie Marrian, www.ReRAM-Forum.com Moderator

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