Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 24

Patent Alert

“Resistive RAM Devices and Methods” is the title of a patent that has just (August 14th) been issued to Micron in Boise, Idaho. Keeping track of patents can be (for me at least) a very time consuming activity due largely to the rather convoluted language that patent attorneys tend to use. In this case, the …

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Aug 15

What’s Next?

In doing some digging in preparation for the start of, it became increasingly obvious that the technology is approaching a ‘tipping point’. While NAND Flash continues is relentless march down Moore’s law, more and more often one hears that the end of downscaling (at least in 2D) is in sight. Multi-layered (3D) approaches will …

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Aug 13

A Minor Milestone

Our Blog has been up and running for just over a month now and we have accumulated a number of interesting posts. We’ve reached a (very) minor milestone our first ten posts! I hope you will find some interesting posts along with some links to ‘find out more’. Bob Merritt discusses the memory hierarchy, how …

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Aug 02

RRAM Simulation

An interesting two part article appeared recently in the IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices (full references below). The papers describe the modeling and simulation of an RRAM cell along with a comparison with results from experiment. The simulation engine incorporates a trap-assisted-tunneling current solver and the stochastic generation and recombination of oxygen vacancies which are …

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